Consumer Rights & Guarantees

Consumer Redress Options

The Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission Act (FCCCA2010) sets out consumer rights under Part 7 Consumer Protection and Unfair Practices. These include your rights such as repair, replacement or refund as well as compensation upon assessment by FCCC.   
Repair, Replace and Refund
If any product or service which you have bought and that fails to meet a consumer demand upon use, you have the right to ask for a:
  • Repair
  • Replacement and
  • Refund
The remedy you’re seeking will depend on whether the issue is major or minor. 
Consumers have the right to a repair, replacement or refund if your goods are faulty, unsafe, do not work. You have the right to a repair, compensation or refund, if the services you received are not right.
You still have these rights, even if the goods or services come with a warranty against defects, often called a voluntary, manufacturers or extended warranty.
This information is for general guidance only and should be resolve through mediation.
Compensation for Damages and Losses
You can file your complaint with us and seek compensation for damages and losses you suffer due to a problem with a product or service if the supplier could have reasonably foreseen the problem. FCCC team will access this and inform you of the outcome.
The FCCCA 2010 Part 8 deals with Conditions and Warranties in Consumer Transactions, under   Part 8, Section 111 the express warranty applies in relation to goods means an undertaking, assertion or representation to:  
  1. The quality performance or characteristics of the goods
  2. The provision of services that are or may at a time be required in respect of the goods
  3. The supply of parts that are or may at any time be required for the goods or
  4. The future availability of identical goods or of goods constituting or forming a forming part of a set of which the goods in relation to which the undertaking, assertion or representation is given or made form part given or made in connection with the supply of the goods or in connection with promotion by any means of the supply or use of the goods the natural tendency of which is to induce persons to acquire the goods. 
Furthermore the act also states on the actions in respect of unsuitable goods, false description, goods of merchantable quality, non-correspondence with samples and noncompliance with express warranty.