COVID-19 Travel Disruptions
Travel Disruptions FAQs

PRESS RELEASE_11th June 2020 
PR- Scammers Allegedly Selling Food Assistance Forms _

PRESS RELEASE_15th May 2020 

PRESS RELEASE_12th May 2020 
PR – 20 Traders Charged

PRESS RELEASE_1st May 2020 
PR – 20 Traders Charged

PRESS RELEASE_28 April 2020 
PR – Mobil supports Veilomani Food Bank
PR – Veilomani Food Bank receives 5K Boost from Digicel (2)

PRESS RELEASE_27 April 2020 
PR -Veilomani Food Bank receives donation from Fiji Water and Extra Supermarket

PRESS RELEASE_25 April 2020 
PR – FCCC Zero Tolerance Approach To Be Taken On The Ground Inspection
PR-FCCC clarifies Landlords and Tenants Issues
PR – FCCC Thanks Coca Cola and Star Printery.

PRESS RELEASE_21 April 2020 
PR – Live Chats and FCCCAPP

PRESS RELEASE_18 April 2020 
PR – FCCC and MITT sets up Join Food Bank Appeal
PR – FCCC Thanks US Embassy

PRESS RELEASE_17 April 2020 
PR – Traders Overcharging

PRESS RELEASE_15 April 2020 
PR – FCCC Be Aware of Online Sellers

PRESS RELEASE_03 April 2020 
PR- FCCC Urges Landlords to Refrain From Evicting Tenants
PR -FCCC Thanks Taxi Operators

PRESS RELEASE_31 March 2020 
PR – Conditional Selling

PRESS RELEASE_25 March 2020 
PR – Treat your Employees with consideration Says FCCC
PR – FCCC Warns against Fake COVID-19 Products

Sanitation and Hygiene Public Advisory_24th of March 2020
PR – Fijians urged to respect the Elderly.
SCHOOLS – FCCC Advisory – 24-3-20
GYM_Fitness_Leisure Centers – FCCC Advisory – 24-3-20

PRESS RELEASE_23rd of March 2020 
Transport Operators – FCCC Release – 23-3-20

PRESS RELEASE_21st of March 2020 
PR – FCCC Urges Fijians To Stay Cool And Calm

PRESS RELEASE_19th of March 2020 
Press Statement

PRESS RELEASE_17th of March 2020 
PR – FCCC Warns Against Raising Prices During Coronavirus Emergency

PRESS RELEASE_13th of March 2020 
PR – Traders Warned Not to Raise Prices During Coronavirus Period