About FCCC

About FCCC

About Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission (FCCC) is an independent statutory body
established under Section 7 of the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Act 2010 that promotes effective competition and informed markets, encourages fair trading, and protects consumers and businesses from restrictive practices, and controls prices of regulated industries and other markets where competition is lessened or limited.

Ensuring compliance with its regulatory requirements is one of FCCC’s principal objectives. This is achieved through the use of a variety of compliance tools, giving consideration to using the most appropriate tool necessary to obtain compliance, and when required, to promote general deterrence.


The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission Act 2010 came into force in 2010.
The Act establishes FCCC with a minimum of four Members, one of whom shall be the Chair.
The Act sets out its objectives in Section 2(1):

  • promote the interests of the consumers;
  • promote effective and efficient development of industry, trade or commerce;
  • promote effective competition in industry, trade or commerce; and
  • ensure equitable returns for businesses with fair and reasonable prices charged to

The Act also sets out the objectives of FCCC, in relation to regulated industries and access regimes under Section 2(2):

  • promote effective competition in the interests of consumers;
  • facilitate an approximate balance between efficiency and environmental and
    social considerations;
  • ensure non-discretionary access to monopoly and near monopoly infrastructure or services

These objectives provide the overarching outcomes FCCC must strive to achieve through its activities and outputs. Over the time that the Act has been in force, FCCC has developed its understanding of the law and FCCC’s role.

FCCC has a statutory responsibility under the Act for:

  • Price control, including residential rents;
  • Economic regulation;
  • Competition adjudication and enforcement; and
  • Consumer protection enforcement.

FCCC is also required to provide reports and recommendations to the Minister and in this respect it has a policy role. FCCC also initiates litigation or defends legal challenges to its processes, and it undertakes educational and advocacy activities to encourage compliance and advise consumers and traders of their rights and responsibilities.

FCCC undertakes a range of activities with respect to each of these functions. Such a broad range of functions provides FCCC with a degree of choice (discretion) as to which approach it will employ to resolve a market problem. Any intervention must be appropriate to the nature, scope and size of the market problem and be directed towards improving outcomes for all consumers.

A decision about which intervention FCCC will employ must also be appropriate in the context of the Fijian economy.